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Alphasono Biometrics™

Alphasono-Biometrics Assessment Programme has been designed to help HR Directors, Talent and Performance Managers uncover the hidden abilities and skills of their employees and to harness these skills for the benefit of all. The traditional Interview process is designed to find a suitable candidate for a specific role within a company. My programme will stop your employees self-limiting by uncovering their hidden talents and give them confidence to achieve more. The benefit for the employer is a multi-skilled, multi-talented workforce. This could be harnessed to cover unexpected absences, for example maternity leave or sickness, thereby improving productivity.


The Alphasono-Biometrics Assessment Programme extracts the musical notes within your given names.  Each musical note is linked to the Chakra system, and from this it will identify the person’s personal chord and scale.  The chord and scale relates directly to one’s career, health and relationship choices, and will also determine an individual’s hidden talents.  It is within your chord and scale your hidden talents lie.

Loyalty and joy will flourish when you trust in your employees and encourage them to harness their hidden abilities and talents in other roles within the company.

My first approach would be to find out what and how many musical instruments you have within the various teams within the company and I would highlight the individual’s unique and specific talents so they can be more productive with the team they are in or a different team or department within the company.

The analytics of this programme has been designed from a sound and musical instrument perspective.  On completion of my specific questionnaire and other unique tools, I will give you a complete insight into how to maximise the talents of your workforce to make your company thrive and prosper.

We will bring harmony to your teams.


Meet Kimberley

Kimberley is the architect and innovator behind the Alphasono-Biometrics™ Assessment Programme.  Kimberley has spent over 18 years working with people on a 1-2-1 basis restoring their health and wellbeing, and whilst doing so, has discovered that we all have hidden talents and skills that can be used more effectively if we knew what they were.

By applying the Alphasono-Biometrics methodology she can transform your teams into results orientated individuals.

Kimberley is the author of the book ‘Your Health is your only Wealth’ distributed world-wide and explains the importance of us, as individuals, taking ownership of our own health and wellbeing.

"On key"

When the human body is “on key” the frequency is at its optimal level and therefore the clarity and focus is uninterrupted by any broken frequency created by ourselves and others.  Being “on key” means that all the major organs in the body, including the brain, are functioning without stress.

My research has undeniably taught me that we are unaware of the power that our own symphony has on ourselves, family, work and society as a whole.  Being “on key” creates a healthy, vibrant and a cohesive productive and motivated team.

"Off key"

When a human body is “off key” it creates a frequency that is fragmented and leaves you feeling disconnected from your loved ones and colleagues.  This can lead you to become isolated, introverted and withdrawn.

It also manifests itself into depression, high blood pressure, strokes, heart attacks and cancers and puts the body under extreme adversity, leading to addictions.


Dr Horowitz of Harvard University states that the right frequency can help open your heart, prompt peace and hasten healing.

It is important to understand how a personal symphony is created.  The starting place is to recognise there are seven frequencies scientifically proven to exist in the universe, these are recognised as’ frequency hertz’.


Teamwork is the rarest most exciting and productive human activity possible.  It is about a group of people who are equal in their commitment to working together to achieve the goals of the business and each other.

Every business wants to harness this incredible energy but it is not always easy.  It is not easy because conflicts will arise no matter how well the team functions together.

That is when clear internal communications is so important.  Issues and conflicts need to be escalated discussed and resolved quickly and objectively.  That’s teamwork.